Letter of Introduction

Example Client Name
Example Client Address.
20 October. 2023

Hi Example Client.

Thanks for meeting with me at your property. Following our
meeting I would like to propose a comprehensive garden maintenance program for your property. I am proud to offer Melbourne’s premier garden maintenance service to take care of all of your garden needs. The Lucas service is programmed to ensure the best outcomes for you and your garden. Our qualified horticultural staff are second-to-none and will work
with me to Create and maintain a healthy. beautiful and tidy garden for you all-year-round, This document provides detailed information on Our proposed garden maintenance Service. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with our premiere horticultural services.

Kind regards,
Ryan Young 0433 444 997
Maintenance Manager – Lucas House and Garden
250 High St. Ashburton – (03) 9888 5498

Proposal Summary

Initial Garden Establishment

1 Initial Sessions comprising a total Of 10 person-hours.
Estimated total cost of the initial session: $1491

Regular Programmed Garden Maintenance Sessions

Regular sessions every 4 weeks, comprising 5 person-hours per visit.
Estimated total cost of Regular Maintenance: $583 Per Session.

Mowing Only Visits

Mowing-Only Visits of 2 person-hours. provided in-between regular sessions during the growing seasons.
Estimated total cost of Mow-Only Visits: $240 Per Session.

Important Notes

All orices shown in this Proposal Summary include GST,
All prices above are estimates.
Charges are based on actual time, waste & materials used. Program details and itemized pricing are provided below.

Proposal Details and Pricing


When commencing our programmed maintenance of your garden

  • Our horticultural team will be scheduled for one or more extended visits whilst we get the garden into great shape. During this establishment period, our staff also be recording detailed observations on the condition of the garden
  • before applying fertilizers, ameliorants and other treatments to improve the health and vigour of the garden.

In the case of this garden, our staff will be using the initial garden establishment period to work on the following items in addition to the regular tasks listed in the paragraph below.

  • Remove plants from courtyard pots and with 6 x Dracaena ‘Black Night’ in 20cm pots
  • Remove Arthropodium in courtyard and replace with Clivea Belgium Hybrid x Add ground covers to front raised area x 10 Vinca minor in l4cm pots.
  • Apply Premium controlled release fertilizers to all garden beds, plants and lawn areas.
  • undertake an audit of the irrigation system. Address irrigation
    issues and settings where possible.
  • Catch up on the regular maintenance items which have fallen behind. Mulch garden beds With Eu Mulch
  • See table of costs for initial garden establishment below

Regular Programmed Garden Maintenance

Following the initial establishment period – our horticultural team will settle into a routine of shorter visits as detailed below. The focus during our regular programmed maintenance sessions is to keep the garden in peak condition whilst also taking steps to aid the incremental improvement of the garden.

Our staff will develop a program tailored to your garden. Please note the example of our standard garden maintenance program at the bottom of this page.


  • Weeding of garden beds and lawns
  • Monitor pots in courtyard
  • Trimming of shrubs and plants as required
  • Regular fertilizing Of plants as needed
  • Hedge trimming (Height limits apply)
  • Dead-heading flowering plants as required
  • Seasonal Testing & Adjustment of Irrigation
  • Mowing and Edging Of lawn areas
  • Other lawn-care as required
  • Control of Pests and Disease in the garden
  • Tree care (generally for trees up to 4m)
  • Winter pruning
  • Monitor soil moisture levels (Seasonally)

Garden Maintenance - Table of Costs

Initial Garden Establishment

Detail: Of the 1 initial garden establishment
maintenance session

Labour rate Of $85 per person-hour.
Teams typically consist of 2 persons.

First Visit (Person-Hours) 6 $510.00 $561.00
Consumable Materials Allowance (total)
Fertilizers. Horticultural Chemicals etc.
NA $50.00 $55.00
Other Materials Allowance (total)
Plants & Mulch
NA $1,463.50 $1,609.85
Waste Removal Allowance
@ $70 / woolsack if required
1 $70.00 $77.00
TOTAL - For initial establishment session $2,093.50 $2,302.85

Regular Garden Maintenance

Frequency of Garden Maintenance Visit: - 6 Weekly

Labour rate of $85 per person-hour.
Teams typically consist of 2 persons.

Regular Visits (Person-Hours) 2 $170.00 $187.00
Consumable Materials Allowance
Fertilizers. Horticultural Chemicals etc.
NA $25.00 $27.50
Other Materials
Please note that additional materials such as mulch will be
needed from time to time.
Schedule of rates below $1,609.85
Waste Removal Allowance
@ $70 / woolsack if required
1 $70.00 $77.00
TOTALS -Per visit $265.00 $291.50

Mowing Only Visits

Mowing visits will be scheduled in-between each regular garden
maintenance visit during the applicable growing season

Labour rate of $85 per person-hour.
Teams typically consist of 2 persons.

Mowing Visits (Person-Hours) 1 $85 $93.50
Consumable Materials Allowance(total)
Fertilizers. Horticultural Chemicals etc.
NA $0.00 $0.00
Waste Removal Allowance
@ $70 / woolsack if required
0 $0.00 $0.00
TOTAL -For initial establishment session $85.00 $93.50

Schedule of Garden Maintenance Rates

Labour $85 / person / hour $93.50 / person / hour 2 hours
Garden Waste Removal $70 wool sack
(Nb. A = 1/4m3 )
$77.00 1/4 of a wool sack

Bulk Garden Waste
(Kerbside pickup service used for larger amounts of waste)

$270 / 1m3 Bulka Bag

$350 / 2m3 Bulka Bag

$410 / 3m3 Bulka Bag




Herbicides (Weed Sprays) $3.50 / Litre $3.85 1 Litre
Selective Herbicides
Inc. Bow and Arrow
$5.00 / Litre $5.50 1 Litre
(insect sprays)
$3.50 / Litre $3.85 1 Litre
Specialist Pesticides
(Triforine and Confidor)
$5.00 / Litre $5.50 1 Litre
Confidor Tablets $5.00 / Litre $5.50 1 Litre
(Disease Sprays)
$3.50 / Litre $3.85 1 Litre
Liquid Fertilizers $8 / watering can $8.80 1 Watering Can
Granular Fertilizers $9 / kilogram $9.90 1 Kilogram
Specialist Garden Fertilizers
(Inc. Osmoform and Troforte)
$20 per kilo $22.00 1 Kilogram
Specialist Lawn Fertilizers
(InC Oxafert and Lawn Builder)
$20 per kilo $22.00 1 Kilogram
Organic Mulches
(Bulk Deliveries)
From $95 / m3
plus Delivery
$104.50 1/2 Cubic Meter
Other Items Please call for prices on Other items

Operational Details

Lucas House and Garden runs the most professional and organised garden maintenance program available. Details Of how the program works are provided below.


We typically schedule the initial session within two weeks of receiving client approval, (Seasonal busy periods may affect this lead-time).

Subsequent regular garden maintenance sessions are provided on a recurring cycle and typically take place on the same day for each visit. (Excludes programs of over 4 weeks frequency.)

Note: The day of service can vary due to public holidays, rainy days and staff illness.

Clients receive a notification of the scheduled session around 2-7 days in advance of the booking. Cancellations and postponements can be made by clients up to 24 hours ahead of the booking.

All gardens with a frequency of 4 weeks or less are assigned to a Lead-Gardener from our experienced team of horticulturists. The lead gardener works in the gardens and liaises with the clients and Lucas management to organise the best-possible outcome for the client and their garden.


Lucas House and Garden use GPS tracking to ensure correct times are charged out at all times, the clock starts from the time the gardeners get to the site and start unloading tools etc and the clock stops once all the notes of the job have been logged and all tools have been packed.

As each maintenance session nears conclusion – Team-leaders enter details job-notes into a phone or tablet. This may be done whilst sitting in their work-vehicle or from within the client’s garden. The recording of detailed notes is a critical part of our premier service offering.


Job sheets are emailed to the client within 1-3 working days of completion of the maintenance visit. The job sheet provides details of the maintenance session including:

  • Staff names, Start and finish times and total time spent on-site.
  • Materials used and cost for these.
  • Waste quantity and cost (only if waste is taken from the site.)
  • Detailed description of works undertaken during the garden maintenance visit.
  • Total cost of the visit (shown Ex GST on Job Sheets)
  • Please note: The Job Sheet is NOT an invoice.

Invoicing and Terms


The estimates provided in this proposal are based on observations and discussions from our site meeting. Actual times and materials used in gardens can vary marginally, so you can expect the total cost Of our visits to fluctuate accordingly.

Please note that we only charge for labour, materials and waste as used – not as estimated.


Please see Schedule of Garden Maintenance Rates - shown earlier in this document for a full price list.

These prices are valid at the date of issue. Prices are subject to change. We aim to provide a minimum of 30 days of notice for changes to pricing.

Items not found on this price list are priced on application.


Clients can pay invoices by direct debit, credit card or cheque. Details for direct debits and cheques are provided on invoices. For credit card payment, please call our office on 98885498.
Note - A surcharge of 2.2% applies to credit card payments.


Invoices for regular garden maintenance are issued monthly at start of the month. Terms are 14 days from date of invoice.

Note - Invoices for clients with schedules of greater than 4 weeks are issued 1-3 days after each visit.


Our maintenance teams will require free access to your Site on the days of your scheduled visits. By agreeing to this proposal, you are confirming your permission for our staff to access your site.

Please let us know if a key, buzzer or code is required for our staff to access your property.

Maintenance Program Approval Form

We Iook forward to getting your program underway as soon as we receive your approval. Please complete the new client information form to get garden maintenance program underway.

Please also enter the billing name if different to the client name(s).
Please also enter the billing email address if different to the contact email. (Label each address for clarity)
Please also enter billing address if different to the service address.
Enter multiple phone numbers if applicable - with labels for each.
Preferred contact for notification of upcoming garden maintenance sessions
Authority to commence garden maintenance:

Seasonal Garden
Maintenance Program

Our standard program is adapted to suit the individual requirements of each garden/client.


  • Catch-up on all garden jobs & prepare for the next season.
  • Turn irrigation systems to minimal watering as required.
  • Annual cut-back Of deciduous trees.
  • Winter prune Of roses (Mostly in July)
  • Spray roses with Lime-Sulphur
  • Cut back strappy foliage plants to ground level as required.
  • Annual cut-back of vines (esp Grapes)
  • Division of perennials and strappy plants if required.
  • Spray stone-fruits with fungicide to control leaf-curl.
  • Good time of year for relocation of plants if required.
  • Ensure that garden beds are weeded & cleared (prior to mulching)
  • Annual feed and mulCh of garden beds.


  • Trim camellias after they finish flowering. (Can be winter)
  • Fertilize any plants (unless fed and mulched in winter)
  • Apply liquid fertilizer to potted plants and gross-feeders.
  • Watch for Aphids on roses and treat as required.
  • Lawn-repairs. (Aeration, De-thatching. Top-Dressing, Seed and Feed if/as required.)
  • Irrigation – turn-up settings as required.
  • Check soil moisture levels regularly.
  • Cut-back leaves from bulbs after flowering and once leaf-decay has commenced.
  • Trim roses after first-flowering has concluded.
  • Remove emerging weeds before they become a problem.
  • Trim shrubs and hedges for tidy appearance.
  • This is peak-season for mowing and edging lawns.
  • Tie-back vines and climbers as they grow.
    Plant summer herbs and vegetables.
  • Plant summer flowing annuals if required.


  • Check irrigation settings and soil moisture levels frequently.
  • Watch for scale and black-spot on ornamentals.
  • Watch for red-spider mite and spray as required. (esp on Azaleas, Buxus and Viburnums)
  • Summer-prune roses and feed them.
  • Watch for algae in ponds and water features, Treat as required.
  • Raise lawn-mower height to reduce lawn-stress during hot periods.
  • Stay on-top of weeding and keep garden beds tidy.
  • Trimming of hardy ornamentals. (Note some plants don’t like summer trimming)
  • Harvesting of many fruits and vegetables. (With-hold spraying in lead-up to harvest)


  • Annual cut-back of hydrangeas (March-April).
  • Purchase and plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Collect autumn leaf-fall.
  • Clean-over garden beds – removing debris and
    leaf-litter as required.
  • Watch for fungal diseases in lawns. Treat as needed.
  • Treat black-spot on roses.
  • Light trim for roses after autumn flowering.
  • Plant winter flowering annuals if required.
  • Feed lawns if required.
  • Lawn-repairs. (Aeration. De-thatching, Top-Dressing. Seed and Feed if/as required.)
  • Cut back perennials after flowering.
  • Observe lawns for Cockchafer Beetle – treat with Confidor if required.

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