Landscape Maintenance

Lucas House and Garden provides exceptional year-round maintenance of gardens, tailored to each client’s unique needs. Their experienced, professional and highly qualified gardeners use best-practice horticultural techniques to maintain healthy, sustainable and vigorous gardens.

A garden is an ever-evolving natural space and the team tailors their service to include plant feeding, mulching, treatment of specific pests and diseases where needed, to ensure continual flourishing as a garden grows and changes with the seasons. Lucas ensures your garden always looks its best.


Lucas House and Garden runs the most professional and organised garden maintenance program available.  Details of how the program works are provided below.


When commencing programmed maintenance of a garden – the Lucas horticultural team undertake one or more extended visits whilst they get the garden into great shape.  Lucas staff also record detailed observations on the condition of the garden – before applying selected fertilizers, ameliorants and other treatments to improve the health and vigour of the garden.


Following the initial establishment period – The Lucas horticultural team settle into a routine of shorter visits at the agreed frequency.  The focus during our regular programmed maintenance sessions is to keep the garden in peak condition whilst also taking steps to aid the incremental improvement of the garden. Lucas staff develop a program tailored to each client’s garden.

List of typical garden maintenance activities:

  • Weeding of garden beds and lawns
  • Trimming of shrubs and plants as required
  • Regular fertilizing of plants as needed
  • Hedge trimming (Height limits apply)
  • Dead-heading flowering plants as required
  • Seasonal Testing & Adjustment of Irrigation
  • Mowing and Edging of lawn areas
  • Other lawn-care as required
  • Control of Pests and Disease in the garden
  • Tree care for trees up to 4m (No works on trees over 5m)
  • Winter pruning
  • Monitor soil moisture levels (Seasonally)


Lucas typically schedule the initial session within two weeks of receiving client approval. Subsequent regular garden maintenance sessions are provided on a recurring cycle and typically take place on the same day for each visit. Clients receive a notification of the scheduled session around 2-7 days in advance of the booking.  Cancellations and postponements can be made by clients up to 24 hours ahead of the booking.

All gardens with a scheduling frequency of 4 weeks or less are assigned to a Lead-Gardener from our experienced team of horticulturists.  The lead gardener works in the gardens and liaises with the clients and Lucas management to organise the best-possible outcome for the client and their garden.


Lucas House and Garden use GPS tracking to ensure correct times are charged out at all times. As each maintenance session nears conclusion – Team-leaders  enter details job-notes into a phone or tablet. Job sheets are emailed to the client within 1-3 working days of completion of the maintenance visit.  The job sheet provides details of the maintenance session including:

  • Staff names, start and finish times and total time spent on-site.
  • Materials used and cost for these.
  • Waste quantity and cost (only if waste is taken from the site.)
  • Detailed description of works undertaken during the garden maintenance visit.

“I was so grateful to your garden maintenance staff for the great job they did before the wedding and for all of the work that they have done in the lead-up. The garden looked beautiful over the weekend! We had large numbers here on Saturday and Sunday who all enjoyed it.”

K Russell – Glen Iris

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