About Us

Lucas House and Garden are the premier provider of landscape and garden services to Melbourne’s Eastern and Bayside Suburbs. LHG provide specialist horticultural services to many of Melbourne’s finest gardens. Their range of services includes bespoke landscape design, high-quality landscape construction, garden makeovers and renovations, programmed garden maintenance services, irrigation system installations and irrigation repairs.

Lucas House and Garden was founded in 2005 by James Lucas, with a vision to provide Melbourne’s highest quality landscape and garden services. From the earliest days, LHG built and maintained some remarkable gardens whilst establishing trusted relationships with a core group of clients, suppliers and building industry professionals. A fanatical commitment to providing outstanding customer service has seen LHG expand rapidly to become one of the largest providers of elite horticultural services in Melbourne.

The team at Lucas House and Garden has always been committed to sustainable horticultural practices. In 2008, Lucas House and Garden was one of the first businesses in Australia to be certified by Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) as “Environmentally Certified Landscape Industry Professionals” (ECLIPs) More than a decade-on, LHG continue to take a leading role in the sustainable evolution of the horticultural services industry.

In 2018, Lucas House and Garden continues to provide premier landscape services for hundreds of clients and Melbourne’s finest gardens.

Contact LHG’s friendly staff today to experience a new level of service for you and your garden.